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April 18 - May 7, 2009


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April 28, 2009

Something Special From Jeff

You don't get to see too many album covers like this in your lifetime. Jeff Steinberg was born without arms and seriously deformed legs. He does have prosthetic arms, though, and underwent surgery on his legs when he was very young at the Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia. Not surprisingly, his mother abandoned him when he was a tiny tot. What's so amazing about this guy is that he is a motivational speaker. Hey, he doesn't think his physical differences are a handicap. No siree Bob. Jeff may have missing and deformed limbs, but he's still good looking. This album was released sometime in the 1970's but nowadays, Jeff is 57, still traveling across the country and giving those motivational speeches. He even has a regular comedy routine about being drafted by the United States government. Nothing has stopped him yet, though, and chances are he has many more good years ahead of him. In fact, he looks really great for his age. The album cover is priceless, his singing is fantastic and Jeff himself, as he calls it, is a Masterpiece in Progress.

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